Developed by Karin, a Ph.D. in physics with a passion for learning and understanding, Assocy uses brain hack methods that have helped thousands of students in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria excel in their studies. The app is perfect for anyone who struggles to keep up with reading or learning new concepts – Assocy makes getting smarter and passing exams easier than ever before. With its simple and intuitive design, Assocy is the perfect tool to help you achieve your academic goals.

The Birkenbihl Method

I learned about Vera F. Birkebihl in 2012. She was a management trainer who developed brain-friendly learning methods that helped thousands of students in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. She wrote more than 13 books. Most of her research is available in German but not accessible to the English-speaking public. Unfortunately, she died in 2011. My favorite device is the iPad. I wanted to implement the Birkenbihl method in an iPad app, making the methods even better and more fun.


Assocy is the ultimate app for anyone looking to boost their brain power.

In 2020 I started to develop the idea for Assocy. I had to learn iOS development for the iPad. This is an ongoing project and much bigger than I initially could anticipate. I love working on Assocy and look forward to bringing this smart learning app to more students.