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Assocy shows different strategies to think and learn new topics. The tools are essentially speed-learning hacks. You can learn anything with this app. We show you how to become more creative. Learn what is essential and be able to think critically.

Assocy for the iPad

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The management trainer Vera F. Birkenbihl introduced strategies for brain- friendly learning. These are based on the natural working principles of our brains. Assocy is a note taking app, which implements this thinking tools in a digital form. You can use Assocy for revision your lectures, structuring your work and tracking your progress. Not only will this make your studying more effective, but more importantly you can enjoy working and become self-motivated. Most of the energy we wast for procrastination. If you are motivated and like it, procrastination is actually impossible.

Learn, Structure and Remember with Assocy

Assocy offers students the ultimate learning experience on iPad. With its easy-to-use techniques and brain hacks, students can learn faster and more effectively. Assocy helps filter out the important information and structure it in a way for easy recall. 

Why Assocy?

Assocy is the perfect learning app for your iPad! Our app utilizes powerful techniques to help you learn more effectively and with more fun. With Assocy, you can filter out what is important, collect the information, and structure and remember what you have learned.

Intuitive and Haptic Learning Experience

Assocy is much more than paper notes. With its intuitive and haptic experience, students can keep up with their thinking process and have flexible notes. 

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Assocy for the iPad

Train with Assocy iPhone on the go. Extend your understanding with mind maps on Assocy for iPad. Draw with the Apple Pencil freely. Supercharge your knowledge base with Assocy for Mac.


Assocy is compatible with iPad and iPhone running iOS 15+ and Mac with macOS 12+.

The app is free to download and use. However, if you want access to pro features such as syncing with multiple devices and exporting PDFs, then there is a subscription fee.

Assocy is updated on a regular basis. I usually release an update every 2 months.

Assocy is a tool for visual thinking. It helps you collect and structure your ideas to make them available when needed.

Assocy is for students of any age, from high school to college. They want to learn how to learn.

Mind mapping is a powerful tool for organizing information and creating connections between ideas. It can help to visualize complex topics that are difficult to understand, as well as create a connection between different points of view. Benefits of mind mapping include:

  • Improving understanding: Mind mapping can help break down complicated topics into easy-to-understand chunks.
  • Enhancing creativity: By connecting different ideas together, mind maps can generate new ideas and insights.
  • Facilitating collaboration: Mind maps make it easier to share ideas with others and work together on projects.
  • Increasing productivity: By providing structure to your ideas and thoughts, mind mapping can help you stay on track and get more done in less time.

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